In order to save his world, Sein must protect himself and his family secrets from the government, his lover, and even his sister. Complications arise as they face off with him individually.

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Ethereal Being

Walking through a field of daises They bask in her swift, melanin beauty The sun melts into her skin Desperately yearning to call it home The sky loathes the distance between them Wishing for her to bathe in its infinite glory

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My darling, Dawn

My love, why does my heart pump uncontrollably with a desire only you can contain? The beauty you behold is so powerful, it fills me with exquisite pain It is only you I can trust with a secret so true, my time with you is coming to an end, a heart once devil red now turned sky blue

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Forbidden; Truth

If you could feel how much I missed you You would see the stars groveling at your feet You would wonder why they’re so far from home Until they say that they miss the sight Of two false lovers digging their way Into each other, souls banging

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Car Ride

I remember Tiny drops of water Resting idly, scattered Amongst a frail windshield The sky painted with Sheer colors of melancholy The road tormented by Rusty vehicles passing Carelessly above its surface

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