In order to save his world, Sein must protect himself and his family secrets from the government, his lover, and even his sister. Complications arise as they face off with him individually.

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Ethereal Being

Ethereal Being Walking through a field of daisesThey bask in her swift, melanin beautyThe sun melts into her skinDesperately yearning to call it homeThe sky loathes the distance between themWishing…

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Rainy days

Rainy days As the clouds gave birthTo hundreds of limpid tearsThe air became contaminatedwith the fresh smell of rainDroplets, penetrating earth's coremelted swiftly onto its raw soilAttempting to heal every…

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Car Ride

Car Ride I rememberTiny drops of waterResting idly, scatteredAmongst a frail windshieldThe sky painted withSheer colors of melancholyThe road tormented byRusty vehicles passingCarelessly above its surfaceFrail leaves murdered by timeLaid…

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