My darling, Dawn

My love, why does my heart pump uncontrollably with a desire
only you can contain? 
The beauty you behold is so powerful, it fills me with exquisite pain
It is only you I can trust with a secret so true, my time with you is coming to an end, a heart once
devil red now turned sky blue
The envy I feel I wish not to be toward you
but while you remain youthful,
I obtain the marks of old age & am no longer deemed beautiful
My love, as you leave me night by night with the promise of returning
My heart grows tired and is filled with such ugly yearning
I must quickly confess to you the height of my affection
A simple gaze at you confirms the strength of our connection
I imagine your touch embedding me with an abundance of ecstasy, 
but alas I am forbidden to touch you, who so tragically
Pricked me with the thorns of a love so lost?
For now, I am happy, but really, at what cost?
If luck dost betray me soon
& I lose thine love to the wretched moon
Remember how often thine kept me sane
Tranquil, I was, mimicking the sound of dulcet rain
The sin of infidelity promised me a love that’s new
Oh, sweet sunrise, who could I love if not you?