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In order to save his world, Sein must protect himself and his family secrets from the government, his lover, and even his sister. Complications arise as they face off with him individually.
A young woman (Astrid) starts her freshman year of college at Howard University with her best friend. As they become acquainted with the campus and college lifestyle, Astrid discovers a woman who sees the potential in her and gifts her with the powers of the zodiac signs.

This time last year the sky collapsed into a million transparent fragments. Clumsy bright flashes appeared & dispersed as if mimicking the actions of a heartbeat
Stars are painted Onto the body of the sky They lay there Plastered Admiring its Boundless beauty While forgetting to acknowledge Their own shine and decadence God watches In silence
As the clouds gave birth To hundreds of limpid tears The air became contaminated with the fresh smell of rain Droplets, penetrating earth’s core melted swiftly onto its raw soil
I need a mad lover To show me That the flare In life still lives on I want us To fall into the sun Together And as we count The rays
I whisper my boldest dreams To flowers That are too busy Caressing grass To notice I speak to mountains About the height of my Aspirations But they cannot measure In size I scream to deaf skies
In the night I watched My soundwaves touch the sky Every word I’ve ever spoken Came to life. It wasn’t until I was floating on a cloud Caressing the moon That I realized
Walking through a field of daises They bask in her swift, melanin beauty The sun melts into her skin Desperately yearning to call it home The sky loathes the distance between them Wishing for her to bathe in its infinite glory
I murdered Time With my bare hands The stinging pain of Forever stained My fingers My anxiety, blinded by The past, was witness to it all
Watch out For the butterflies That dance awkwardly To the music inside me Wings fluttering against My spine Be careful when
The universe swallowed me whole And waited to be immersed With all my subtle particles I watched as comets Fought their way towards me As they sunk into the most
My love, why does my heart pump uncontrollably with a desire only you can contain? The beauty you behold is so powerful, it fills me with exquisite pain It is only you I can trust with a secret so true, my time with you is coming to an end, a heart once devil red now turned sky blue
If you could feel how much I missed you You would see the stars groveling at your feet You would wonder why they’re so far from home Until they say that they miss the sight Of two false lovers digging their way Into each other, souls banging
I remember Tiny drops of water Resting idly, scattered Amongst a frail windshield The sky painted with Sheer colors of melancholy The road tormented by Rusty vehicles passing Carelessly above its surface
All the colors of today Blend into the blurred Thoughts of yesterday I can just taste all the screams Of tomorrow While I touch