Written Work



You. Watch outFor the butterfliesThat dance awkwardlyTo the music inside meWings fluttering againstMy spineBe careful whenClimbing my ribcageThe ends are sharperThan shattered porcelainThey’ll slice you

In the Now

In the Now All the colors of todayBlend into the blurredThoughts of yesterdayI can just tasteall the screamsOf tomorrowWhile I touchThe blinding innocence of nowSwim

Toxic Nature of Infatuation

Toxic Nature of Infatuation Stars are paintedOnto the body of the skyThey lay therePlasteredAdmiring itsBoundless beautyWhile forgetting to acknowledgeTheir own shine and decadenceGod watchesIn silenceEvery

Shallow Heart

Shallow Heart I whisper my boldest dreamsTo flowersThat are too busyCaressing grassTo noticeI speak to mountainsAbout the height of myAspirationsBut they cannot measureIn sizeI scream

The Beauty of Inconsistency

The Beauty of Inconsistency This time last year the sky collapsed into a million transparent fragments. Clumsy bright flashes appeared & dispersed as if mimicking

I See Galaxies in Your Eyes

I See Galaxies in Your Eyes The universe swallowed me wholeAnd waited to be immersedWith all my subtle particlesI watched as cometsFought their way towards

Car Ride

Car Ride I rememberTiny drops of waterResting idly, scatteredAmongst a frail windshieldThe sky painted withSheer colors of melancholyThe road tormented byRusty vehicles passingCarelessly above its

Rainy days

Rainy days As the clouds gave birth To hundreds of limpid tearsThe air became contaminated with the fresh smell of rainDroplets, penetrating earth’s core melted

Ethereal Being

Ethereal Being Walking through a field of daisesThey bask in her swift, melanin beautyThe sun melts into her skinDesperately yearning to call it homeThe sky

Time Doesn’t Exist

Time Doesn’t Exist I murdered TimeWith my bare handsThe stinging pain ofForever stainedMy fingersMy anxiety, blinded byThe past, was witness to it allMy fear stepped


Afterlife In the night I watchedMy soundwaves touch the skyEvery word I’ve ever spokenCame to life. It wasn’t untilI was floating on a cloudCaressing the


Spellbound I need a mad loverTo show meThat the flareIn life still lives onI want usTo fall into the sunTogetherAnd as we countThe raysOur chaotic

My darling, Dawn

My darling, Dawn My love, why does my heart pump uncontrollably with a desireonly you can contain? The beauty you behold is so powerful, it fills

Forbidden; Truth

Forbidden; Truth If you could feel how much I missed youYou would see the stars groveling at your feetYou would wonder why they’re so far